Finding a Great Pool Builder

Good Pool Contractor Tips

Finding the best pool for your home is something that will bring you a lot of joy over the coming years.  First, it looks great.  Most homeowners tend to truly enjoy the ambience and luxury “feel” of their home with a new pool.  Second, a great pool can be a source of exercise for you and your family.  It’s easy to go out to the pool and get in a few laps, which will help you burn off a few extra calories and also help you reduce your stress.   Finally, a pool is very beneficial to help you cool down after a long, hot day.

Contractor Tips

However, finding a great pool contractor is not always easy.  There are probably several pool builders in your area and they are not all the same.  Some of these contractors are ones that try and build a pool for the least amount of money possible; cutting corners at every turn and generally trying to out for the least bucks possible.  You’ll find these pool contractors typically work for home builders.  You want to avoid these contractors as their crews are used to this style of building.  Even if they say that they will do a good job, it’s their crew that will do the work – so stay away.

Tip 1: Stay Away from New Construction Pool Builders that typically work on cheap construction homes

Another thing that you will want to do is to actually go out and review past jobs that the pool builder has actually done.  Go and talk to the homeowner and ask them about their likes and dislikes of the pool.  Be sure and ask them about the maintenance costs and any problems that they have had.  Note the age of the pools.  It’s nice to get references of a couple of new pools that were built as well as a couple that have been around for years and years.

Tip 2: Get References

Finally, you will want to get a pool builder that can build something other than TV-show quality pools.  There seems to be one pool builder in town that loves to be the “show” builder.  They cannot ever seem to get their jobs within the budget, which causes financial headaches and delay on your part.  So, be sure to identify which one of the contractors is used to building way too nice of pools and who is never able to finish timely.

Tip 3: Find the Whale


Be sure to take your time and find a good pool builder in your area.  Identify several that you think may work, and then find out whether they only do cheap construction – or super expensive construction.  Get some references from them, both older pools and newer pools, and then go out and take a look at those jobs.  Be sure to talk to the owners of the homes so that you can get a good idea about maintenance costs and overall quality.  Good luck with the search.